Our majestic trophy bulls are available for hunts in 2018 and 2019!

These are very large animals with beautiful coats and would make amazing head or head and shoulder mounts, robes, or European mounts.

Our bulls will have a live weight generally over 2,000 pounds and should give you around 400 pounds or more of meat.  Granted, that it won’t be as tender as our marvelous 1 ½ year old bulls, but past hunters have been happily surprised to find the mature bulls provide much more tender meat than they would think possible.  You can take your pick of the bulls, but be aware that they can be anywhere on our more than 11,000 acre ranch, so it will take some looking (with our great guide) to find them.  

We do insist that seasoned hunters apply for the privilege of taking one of these animals … they are not a hunt for beginning or inaccurate hunters.  You’ll need to use at least a .30 caliber or larger rifle and solid bullets, such as Nosler Solid, Barnes Banded Solid, or North Fork Technologies solids.  

Our guide is excellent and will help you make a good stalk and get a good shot. But please be aware that if you wound an animal and then it runs and we can’t find it, we’ll help you look long and hard for it, but if it can’t be found your price is forfeit. This would be rare. These bulls are extremely tough, with exceptional stamina, but a good shot will take them down.  
This is a day hunt and you’ll need to arrange your own lodging and meals in town.  It is your responsibility to arrange in advance for a processor and haul the animal to them … and be certain that processor knows the size of the animal! Some won’t handle such big ones, but we can give you suggestions for those who will.  We’ll field dress your animal and load it onto your open bed pickup or open trailer.

DATES available for 2018:   October 24 through November 14 (Monday through Saturday only)

DATES available for 2019:  October 28 through November 15 (Monday through Saturday only)

All hunts start at 8 a.m.  Only one trophy bull may be taken in any one day. 

PRICE:  $6,000 per trophy bull. Deposit is half that amount, due when your hunt date is assured.  The remainder due may be paid the day of your hunt.  If you should need to cancel your hunt, $300 will be kept of your deposit and the remainder returned to you.  No permit is needed and there are no other fees. This is a great alternative if you didn't get your Wyoming elk hunting tag!

If we have more applicants than bulls, we will draw names for the number available from all applicants.  This is not a first come, first served method of booking.  Click here for our Trophy Bull Hunt Request Form.

If you have not gotten confirmation that your request was received within one week of sending it, please email Peggy at