TROPHY BULLS! AVAILABLE FOR 2017 AND 2018. Click here to learn more!

YOUNG ANIMALS:  We are temporarily changing our program at the Twin Pine.  For 2018 and probably the following two years, we will be allowing only our young bulls to be hunted.  No heifers will be taken.  At the end of that time, we intend to go back to taking all the heifers and all the young bulls, as we have in the past.  This means that the numbers of hunters who will be able to come will be drastically reduced for a few years.  To be as fair as possible, we will draw names for hunts, first from those applicants who have been here on hunts three times or more, and then, if there are animals still available, from all other applicants.  All whose names are not drawn will be put on our waiting/cancellation list.

Price: $2,000 per young bull.  We are raising our prices to be more in line with other producers.  These will be 1-½-year-old bulls of good size, between 800 and 850 pounds live weight.  You can anticipate getting between 200 and 215 pounds of good boned meat from each one.  It is your responsibility to line up a processor in advance of your hunt and haul the animal to them, but we will field dress it for you and load it on your pickup or trailer.  No permit or license is required and there are no other fees. 

Deposit: We require half down on the total price for whatever number of young bulls you book, due only when it is determined that you have a hunt reserved. If you cancel your hunt after May 31, 2018, there is a $50 cancellation fee and the remainder of your deposit will be returned to you, but there is no charge before that date. 

Dates: Hunts for young bulls will be held from September 4 through October 20, 2018.  All hunts start at 8 a.m., Mondays through Saturdays, no Sunday hunts.  We will book one party or group only per day.  There is a limit of no more than three animals per day/group to be taken.  These are half day or one day hunts, depending on the number taken. 

You will need to provide your own lodging and food, as needed. But we will have the best guide in the business waiting for you!

All hunters must be at least 15 years old.  These are hunts for experienced hunters and require practice and accuracy. 

Requests must be received by August 31, 2017. For young bull hunts, please fill out this Hunt Request Form and submit it.  The “Contact Person” is you, or whoever booked those past hunts with us.  Your 2018 hunt date will be set after August 31st if it is determined you will have a hunt.  We can’t guarantee your preference of dates, but will work with everyone to try to satisfy your needs. 

If you have not gotten confirmation that your form was received within one week of sending it, please email Peggy at (Note:  Peggy will not be available from July 14 through July 29.)  No telephone requests will be taken.  You will be notified by email by September 30, 2017, whether or not we are able to fill your request. 

Thank you for considering Twin Pine Ranch buffalo hunts!


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